Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Search Continues

To paraphrase Garrison Keillor, it's been a quiet week in China Preparation Land. We did book our plane tickets, and that was a bit exciting. Korean Air from LA just after midnight on August 4th, changing planes in Seoul (or wherever Incheon Airport is) and into Shanghai at 9:40 a.m. on August 5th. We were able to see the seats on the plane (a Boeing 747, for those of you who care about such things), and they looked pretty standard for an international flight. It's a bit roomier than a domestic flight, and the seat backs have individual screens for the movies or whatever, although of course we are supposed to sleep as much as we can on the flight so we'll be close to Shanghai time when we land. Sure. I've had jet lag before, and it really stinks, but maybe a red-eye flight will help.

I had a great time telling one of my former teachers (a non-internet sort) about the big news. First, I had to repeat myself, and then when I told him we'd be moving to Shanghai in August, he paused a moment and said, "Do you have any idea how exotic that sounds?" I do, actually, and it hasn't gotten old yet. Also, let me say this: it hasn't snowed in Shanghai in years, and that sounds pretty good to us as we watch the snow fall AGAIN in March! Of course, a month after we get there, the typhoon season will start and it is supposed to rain buckets for a few weeks.

Just a couple of notes about how things are moving along this week. We might have a buyer for Joe's car, the nice boyfriend of one of our new renters, who will be moving up here for college and is in need of cheap reliable transportation. That's our Cavalier for sure! Next, we downloaded our Chinese visa application and we just haven't really looked at it yet, but we won't need it until July anyway.

Jack is still potentially homeless (other than all the people who say, "Well, keep us posted, because we don't want him to be without a home"). Mia just couldn't handle having a big crazy dog in her house, so our neighbor took a pass. I was at the dentist this week and mentioned my plight, and the hygienist went crazy over Jack's pictures. She has had poodles in the past and her three boys are asking for a dog (they already have four cats), so she took my phone number and said she'd call on Saturday to meet him, but he got stood up. He looked really sad on Saturday night, so I tried to explain to him that everyone has relationship problems and we would eat cookies to feel better, except of course that he can't have cookies, so I ate for him. I'll try calling the office tomorrow to see if maybe she just lost my number and couldn't remember how to spell my last name. Sure.

Well, that's it for this week, but keep your fingers crossed for Jack.

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