Sunday, April 4, 2010

What a Week!

It's hard to know where to start, but how about this: in four months, we will be on a plane to Shanghai. We've had quite an exciting week with lots of communications from just about everyone, so here's what happened.

Sunday night (last week), our nice college girls called to say that they can't rent the house after all. One girl's scholarship covers only on-campus housing and trying to move off is not going to work, so they are going to stay together on campus, and we are going to look for new renters. We've talked to a student teacher who knows nice music students, and we have a few other ideas.

On Monday afternoon, we got the list of all the FUSD teachers and administrators who will receive RIF notices on April 15. We are both on the list, which is not too surprising, but what a lovely way to end a Monday.

On Tuesday morning, Joe and I both got an email from the lady in charge of the visa processing, and we are the only new hires who have submitted all of our documents. I'm not sure what everyone else is doing, but I like being ahead of the curve (yes, thanks Rhonda!). However, I got an additional email from the principal of the upper school (grades 6-12), just a very newsy "here's what's happening for the rest of the school year." I checked with Joe, who didn't get this email, despite our assumption that he would be the upper school counselor, so I wrote back to the principal to see whether he had intended to write to the other Rauschenbach or whether we were confused about our assignments. He wrote back (the same day) to say that there is some confusion about our assignments. Joe is to be the lower school (grades 1-5) counselor and I'll be doing something (as yet unspecified) in the upper school. Huh?

Joe got an email from Tammy Rodebaugh, his lower school principal, on Thursday, with her version of school events and he was listed, big as life, as the lower school counselor. We have had a pretty good laugh about how Joe already has one boss named Tammy.... On Thursday night, we went to a birthday party and met the NAU coordinator for Asian students. Joe talked to her for well over an hour and had a great time. He also got some good financial advice regarding our Roth IRA investments. What a planner!

On Friday morning, I got an email from my music email buddy, and he had lots of great things to say. First, he mentioned that it's hard to tell what I will actually be doing. He has taught at SCIS for five years and has done everything from general music for three year olds to PE to beginning strings to yearbook to video production. He is teaching the high school orchestra right now and was very encouraging about the collegial nature of the music department, so I actually feel a bit better, even if I don't know what I'm doing. Also, he says there are quite a few playing opportunities for both of us, including jazz and Latin bands for Joe!

We spent the weekend in Prescott, playing and singing for the Easter services at Trinity Presbyterian. It was so great to spend time with friends, and we recommend the game "Balderdash" with five stars, because we laughed our heads off. Jack tried to behave himself, Joe got his fantasy baseball league set up, thanks to dear Andrew, and we celebrated Easter dinner at the Texas Roadhouse, which beats a ham anyday in my book. Next year, who knows what we'll have for Easter dinner?

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